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About Us

BMCG innovates, transforms, and leads. We deliver bold strategies through creativity, disruption, and innovation. Our clients will transform from market followers to market leaders. Industry knowledge includes: computer software and IT, government, banking and financial services, healthcare, manufacturing, retail, consumer goods and insurance to deliver quick robust solutions. BMCG has degreed professionals in law, healthcare, engineering, physics, business information technology, food science, and technology.


Mission Statement

Using our academic, professional, and lifetime skills to consult and promote others.



Other business consultants can leave you wanting more, lacking skills, experience, or their style isn’t the right fit for your needs.

With BMCG, you will realize: higher value, more control on project and scope, and receive high-impact deliverables.

The BMCG Difference

  • Personal: Rapid high caliper response
  • Precision: Structure your project to ensure success
  • Cost: Fraction of the cost of traditional consulting firms
  • Problem Solving: Winning executable strategies and knowledge
  • Solutions: Productive and competitive operation’s transformation

Case Studies

In today’s competitive business market, with consumers demanding convenience and expediency, it is mandatory to have the competitive advantage. How do you keep up with or surpass Amazon results? What if your business is not conducive to the Amazon model? What if you are in an area where rents are not affordable? What if you have a brand, product, or service that you want to grow, sell and profit from fast? The answer to all these questions is the MOBILE BUSINESS TRUCK. It is starting with food trucks; however, BMCG can help you with any business that you want to put on wheels and hit the road fast.  Please call us to learn more about having your mobile business truck build for any business model with turn-key marketing and financing also available. Here is a list of some mobile business truck BMCG can provide its clients: Food Truck, Hair or Nail Salon, Handbags, Women Shoes, Sneakers, Coffee & Bakery, Healthcare, Massage, Dog Grooming & Veterinarian, Accountant, Car Accessories, Video Games, Electronics & Cell Phones, Computers, Candy & Ice Cream, Financial Services, Job Recruiter, Mobile Office & “Hotel Room”, etc. The possibilities are endless.

BMCG Developed prototypes & scale-ups for manufacturing and production in the all-natural/organic, specialty food, ingredient, beverage industry. BMCG was also instrumental in the prototyping and manufacturing of music instruments.

BMCG acts as an agent and public relations firm for entertainment and business clients in the acting, music, art, music, and literature fields. Coordinated photoshoots in preparation for photographic innovations and collaborations to convert 35 mm photography into oil and water color style medium. Assisted with the casting of the play & movie “Annie.” Negotiated for an artist to have his paintings purchased as part of the “John Deere” corporate collection. Presented manuscripts to major book publishers. Presented original lyrics and music to major recording studio. BMCG has represented authors, artists, actors and musicians. BMCG has assisted with book publications, casting and photoshoots that have made it into the Smithsonian institution.

BMCG assists clients with business growth, strategy, problem solving, and compliance with local, state, & federal statute, regulation, and policy. BMCG is constantly working with its clients and government representatives to navigate the difficult world of government statues and compliance with focus on company business strategy which relates to overcoming or following burdensome regulations that must be followed within their industry.

Many clients who hired BMCG, rely on BMCGs assistance in drafting business plans, contracts, confidentiality agreements, corporate transactions, and helping to negotiate and resolve business disputes. BMCG Negotiates and helps draft contracts for individuals, retailors, health care entities, manufacturers, suppliers, distributors and wholesale entities. BMCG uses its legal knowledge and vast attorney referral network to create relationships, agreements, and resolve disputes for: sole proprietors, joint ventures, partnerships, LLC’s, and corporations from start-ups to fortune 500 companies.

BMCG has helped form a very well diversified Hi-Tech firm featuring: embedded software & firmware development, machine learning, robotics, website development and complex physics and mathematical problem solving.

BMCG helps Increase business profits, grow your business, and looks for creative ways to diversify by utilizing government grants, economic development and tax breaks.

A factory owner was threatened with shut-down and land seizure by a municipality over zoning and property rights issues. BMCG was hired by the client to prevent the shut-down of his factory & lose of his land. In the end, there was no adverse action against the client, and the client got to keep his land and maintain his factory.

A musician who invented a new type of guitar that plays every historic tone using analog electronics wanted to introduce his guitar to the marketplace. The musician hired BMCG and within 6 months, the process was trade secreted, prototypes were made, component makers were sourced, guitars were manufactured and introduced to world famous guitar players at the Music Cares Grammy Award ceremonies in Los Angeles California.

• BMCG Joint ventured with a startup food manufacturing and retail company. BMCG led the new company through: business planning, government grants, tech transfer, concept, research & development, prototyping, website development, Amazon platform, computerization & IT, marketing, property rental, product implementation, production, commercialization of one of a kind specialty food products. BMCG sold the company for expected franchising. • A new high-tech company was formed with the help of BMCG. Within 30 days the new company was incorporated and operational with customers. BMCG secured a contract, for the start-up, with one of the largest high-tech satellite aerospace communications companies in the world.

Our Company

BMCG was founded in New York in 2004. Since then, we have consulted with owners of companies in order to solve problems and achieve positive results. Currently headquartered in Williamsburg, Virginia, BMCG is available to meet at our location or yours. We are affiliated with many professionals throughout the United States who understand business and its everyday challenges.

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Insurance & Government Regulations

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